the As Is Universal Cabinet of Curios / by Yvie Raij

...the initial beginnings

From November 1st through the 13th, San Francisco will be hosting the 100th Dada World Fair. Over one hundred years after the meetings at Cabaret Voltaire took place, City Lights Booksellers and Publishers with the help of friendly partnering SF organizations celebrate the 100th anniversary of the emergence of Dada. Events will take place all around San Francisco.

My friend Jaina Bee will be hosting a series of events and performances at ers place, Granny's Empire of Art. E invited a mutual friend of ours, Rowan Nightshade of Ars Fabrica to perform. And Rowan invited me to create a special box for her performance - the As Is Universal Cabinet of Curios.

The basic concept is a cabinet filled with secret compartments that house the strange and esoteric things rowan will need during her performance. Below are images of some of the sources of inspiration we were looking at to get started.

just a few inspirations 

I am a experiential and kinetic thinker. I need to do in order to design.  Drafting and drawing is more than just mocking up designs and style. This activity allows me to deconstruct and construct what I have not access to nor can touch giving me time to sort out the details. 

Other than the standard challenges carpentry present, I am also faced with no budget for fancy wood and peculiar hardware. In addition, I have tools but no access to a woodworking studio. At some contemplation about the situation and a bit of text discussion with Rowan we agree to make the cabinet only out of scavenged bits and pieces. Seems fitting for a box the somehow is to represent the acceptance of things as is.

Upon making that decision, seems like the Universe had nothing better to do than to toss discarded furniture in my path for my destructive amusement.

I've put a call out for spaces to build and I always have the option to travel up north and access my friends workshops. In the meantime, I'm wondering about how to make this 2' x 2' x 3' cabinet solid, light, and somewhat portable. Like claw feet legs but with casters. Yeah!

first sketch to figure a since of design, elements, shapes, and look.